Adventures and Travels

The travel bug bites hard. Going back to the roots of this website, carving out space to write about adventure and globetrotting.

This website started as a travel blog for friends and family. In 2002-2003, while spending a year abroad in Germany. It was pure HTML that I FTPd onto a server twice a week.

Archiving content worries me. Not keeps-me-up-at-night worry. A basal worry. I want a place to store photos and writing on travel. I want the technology behind the archives to be simple and resilient. Something that just works and requires minimal upkeep. More personal than Facebook or Instagram. I want to own the stack.

Someday I’ll post the German journal again. I’ll get entries from my Mongol Rally blog (currently over at posted. I’ll finally finish editing photos from a 6 year backlog.

That’s a mammoth task.

Today I’ll start small. I’ll write a list of past travel. Liner notes to be fleshed out.