Out There

Ivy League trained philosopher turned developer. Fanatical about HTML, CSS, JS, UI, UX and other acronyms.

Hans Sprecher, shot in black and white on a Leica IIIf. Omega watch, Wayfarer shades, regatta jacket by Brooks Brothers.

The most popular page on this site is about styling parent elements in CSS. That's what people really want. But I'm most proud of writing a game in pure CSS and an honorable mention in 10k Apart.

When I'm not off on an adventure, I spend a lot of time thinking about the internet. Sometimes, I think about the internet on adventures too. For example, I think header tags shouldn't be numbered. It limits portability.

I like backpacking, the opera and impractical modes of transportation. Once, I finished last in an air race from Seattle to Sacramento. I'm ridiculously proud of this. Ask me about it.